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How It Works

Getting quick cash for an emergency isn’t as difficult as you might think. Now that you can get the loan online, it’s easier than ever. You can use a smartphone, a laptop computer or a tablet to enter our website, fill in the easy form and submit it to us. With the information that you send us, we will help you find a lender who can offer you a fast loan that will take care of any financial emergency you might be experiencing. Get in touch with us soon so that we can begin finding your lender.

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Getiing a Personal Loan

  • In the course of someone’s life, a lot of things can happen. Many times, these are things we don’t have control over. There can be emergency medical expenses or totally unexpected bills to pay. If you have a family and you need to keep food on the table, it can be hard to come up with this extra cash. This is where we come in – we want to help. Instead of feeling alone in your search for a lender, we can try to hook you up with one of the lenders on our extensive list. Once you get your money, you’ll be able to use it for whatever urgent cash needs you have.

Our Service – What We Do

Since you’re under no obligation and our service is entirely free, what’s keeping you from sending in your online inquiry form today? Take advantage of our service!

Lenders That Accept Inquiries from Various Credit Scores

Don’t worry about what your credit score is when filling out your request form. Contact us today for more details.

Find the Simple Inquiry Form

You’ll quickly find the easy inquiry form on our website at Better Bad Credit Loans.

SSL Encrypted for Your Safety

When you’re filling out the form with personal details and sending it to us, don’t worry because it’s very safe.

If Your Credit Score is Bad, You Can Still Be Eligible

Whatever your credit score is, don’t worry about it when you’re requesting a bad credit loan. Let our lenders have a look at your payment history, your current situation and your inquiry form to give a credit decision. If you have a bad credit status, you could still be eligible for a bad credit loan, so don’t despair! Remember, we’re not a bank and we don’t work with typical lenders. We forward your details to lenders who work with many credit types, so you can still be approved.

The cool thing is that when you get your money, it makes no difference to anyone else what you use it for! With banks, there might be restrictions on what you are supposed to use the cash for, but when you send your request for a loan to Better Bad Credit Loans, we won’t ask you why you want the money. We’re just happy to help you get it!

If you get an offer from one of our lenders, you are free to work with that lender directly. Your lender will direct and instruct you as to the next steps to take. If you sign the loan offer, then your loan will be taken care of as quickly as possible. Of course, you’re not obliged to sign anything you feel uncomfortable with. Whatever you sign, you can be sure that all the costs are included and there won’t be any hidden costs added on later.

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